The biggest mistake people mistake when buying a car could cost them thousands of dollars. What makes it worse is that it is a mistake that can be easily avoided. Yet, thousands of people are making this mistake very day. Could you be one of them? In this video, you will find out.

The biggest mistake when purchasing a car is to buy a brand new car. This is because new cars depreciate heavily after the first few years.

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They don’t even give you many more miles than the slightly older cars. If anything, you may have to use your towing service on newer cars just as much because they have not been tested on the road nearly as much as cars that have been on the road for years.

Remember, you are not obligated to make a bad deal. If the car is not a good deal for you, don’t buy it no matter how nice it looks. These cars are debt traps waiting to happen. Just wait until you are hoping to make car payments that you can not afford for the next who knows how long.