Auto body shops in miami

Did you know that it would take you a little over 150 days to reach the moon, if you were driving non stop at sixty miles per hour?

Florida has a medical and work loss cost of over three billion dollars associated with car accidents. This is the third highest in the nation. This means having a working knowledge of auto body shops in miami is valuable, and can be a huge help to you and your friends and family. Even if you think you do not need to look at body shops miami residents should know that there are 65 tickets issued each minute in this country, and the average driver swears over thirty thousand times while operating a motor vehicle in their life. This shows that even if your driving is safe, the driving of those around you may not be. Even if an accident is not your fault you will need to find body shops in miami to fix the damage to your car.

In 1916, over half of the world’s cars were Ford Model Ts. Today, there is a bit more variety in car types and models, so it is important to find body shops in miami that are able to fix the type of car you own, such as a european collision center miami. For example, if looking at a body shop Miami residents should know that Doral collision center provides auto collision repair, dent removal, paint refinishing and more.

Finding body shops in Miami may also benefit you outside of having your car repaired. Many body shops in Miami offer customization, and work on luxury cars. If you want to buy and refurbish a car, or simply want to add some flair to a car you already own, looking into body shops in Miami is the way to go.