A utility terrain vehicle comes standard with its lighting. However, some people are concerned that this lighting isn’t sufficient. The YouTube video ” UTV lighting guide” breaks down the various lights of a UTV. It also discusses lights that can be used on the UTV.

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These vehicles are designed to be used as work vehicles more than recreational vehicles. They transport equipment or supplies in areas where traditional trucks can’t operate.

The Importance of Proper Lighting

As mentioned, UTVs are used in areas where regular trucks can’t drive, outdoors in rugged terrain. The UTV has its lights. However, the area where it’s being used often doesn’t have lighting. It’s darker than a normal road, and the driving conditions are rugged. They’re often driven over hills and rocks and through the bush. Visibility is, therefore, crucial. The existing light that the vehicle comes with isn’t standard. It’s an LED light. Three types of lighting work with this vehicle: bar, whip, and cube. Cube lights are shaped like their name and come in pairs. These lights offer extra visibility. Bar lights are also shaped like their name and also offer more visibility. Whip lights are designed to be noticed and come in different colors.