Corvette buyers

Corvette enthusiasts know that the best-selling Corvette of all time was the 1979 C3. During that year, 58,307 of these classic cars were sold, making it a historic year for sales.

If you’re a Corvette enthusiast, you also know that the Corvette debuted at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. This was during the 1953 GM Motorama, and it was an obvious hit. Since its debut in 1953, there have been over 1.5 million Corvettes produced. By 2009, Corvette production reached 1.5 million of these much-loved classic cars.

You may be interested to know, that throughout their history, Corvettes have been produced at three different facilities:

    1953: Flint, Michigan
    1954-to-1981: St. Louis, Missouri
    1981-to-2014: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Are you looking for classic Corvette buyers in order to sell your Corvette? Or perhaps you’re classic Corvette dealers looking for someone who’s asking the question, “Should I sell my Corvette?” Either way, you may be interested to know how much Corvettes have sold for in recent years.

The 1953 Corvettes were all polo white with a red interior. Originally priced at $3,498, the third one made sold at auction in 2006. The price tag? A record $1.06 million.

Were you aware that only 20 Chevy Corvette L88s were produced in 1967? One of them sold for $3,850,000 as recently as January 2014.

Since you’re a Corvette lover, you’ve probably been following reports on the seventh-generation Corvette, the Starship Stingray. These, according to Edmunds

, are a “conceptual leap forward.” Production began in 2014 and continues through the present.

If you haven’t seen or test driven a Starship Stingray yet, Edmunds reports that they have a new, “all-aluminum structure that surrounds the entire passenger compartment.” Furthermore, they have a “50/50 front-to-rear weight balance,” which is considered to be ideal.

If you’re thinking about selling one of your classic Corvettes to purchase a Starship Stingray, the prices for these vehicles do vary. According to Edmunds, you should be able to pick a used one up for between $51,000-to-$53,000.

Curious about 2017 prices? New Corvette Stingrays start at $55,450, according to Chevrolet’s website. If you would like to sell your Corvette to purchase the new Stingray or add to your collection, just imagine the thrill of being on the road behind that wheel. Find out more about this topic here.