You likely wouldn’t believe me if I told you that modern cars are designed with clay. However, this is the truth. It all starts in the design process where some of the most ingenious and creative minds in the world start by getting their hands dirty. In this video, you will learn how your favorite cars started as mud before they became what they are today. If your car is not what you want it to be, take it to your local auto body shop and get it fixed up today.

Designers might brainstorm some ideas. These ideas on paper are simply just that.

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That is, until they are sketched out. At this point, you can really start to see the car coming together. However, many cars don’t make it this far. The ones that do then get to be physically modeled with clay. This may be the most fun part of the whole process. Designers use tools to skillfully cut away or add to the auto body. The great thing about using clay is how quickly pieces can be added or subtracted. In some cases, this can be faster than creating a digital model. Plus, the clay model can be 3D scanned into a digital model at any point.