In this video, you will learn about auto windshield replacement. If you have a really large crack where glass shards went off the windshield, a full replacement of the glass might be necessary. Windshields are made of tempered glass on the outside, plastic in the middle, and then another layer of tempered glass on the inside.

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There are different levels of cracks. If the crack is all the way through to the second layer of tempered glass, you have a slightly bigger issue than if only the top layer is cracked. Furthermore, if you have a really long crack, say over a few inches, it is not going to be able to be fixed with a DIY kit. This video is more about sealing tiny cracks before they get big and grow into a giant mess. First, remove any loose fragments. Then, clean the area with an alcohol wipe so there is no material left behind. There is a lot to know about windshield replacements. Are you interested in learning more? Keep watching this video for more information.