Not many people know how severe the truck shortage is, especially in certain areas. If you want to rent box trucks, this video explains how to find a truck rental on a budget.

You want to call a commercial reservation line after your account is established. You will need to talk to fleet managers, those who decide who gets which trucks.

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It is mostly first come first serve basis, which means it can all depend on the time that you call. Provide the zip code of where you are going to get the truck so they can search the area for what is available. This includes any zip codes you are willing to drive to get the truck. If the reservation team tells you they will have to put in a request, you need to add a message to increase your chances. This message should be something along the lines of using the truck for “long- term business”. This an opportunity to keep solid revenue for them which will make your chances of getting a truck more likely.

When it comes down to waiting for something to be available, you have to remain diligent and consistent.