Automatic transmissions were a revolutionary invention that changed how we drive. ATS develops big diesel transmissions for trucks. They use heavy-duty materials to develop their transmission systems.

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The system contains multiple clutches in a clutch pack design that gives single-side friction surfaces. That allows the application of more power to the clutch surfaces and gives a more even distribution of power. The gear set is made of stainless steel making it more resistant to breakages. It has huge pumps that promote easy movement of hydraulic pressure to the clutch packs and increase the lubrication through the twerk converter.

The electronic package is the brains behind the whole system. It plugs into the transmission system and hooks on the valve body. It controls the hydraulic pressure. It ensures that there is a correlation between the engine movements and the transmission system. When you accelerate, the engine moves faster and this electronic system sets up a correlative setting in the transmission system to give the vehicle more power.

The twerk converter is another important part that needs to be well taken care of. These engines have a twerk converter made of steel and bolts to the engine. It has twelve bolts instead of the conventional six and contains five clutches. It is connected to two other parts that then connect to the engine. This protects the transmission system from the heat of the engine.

These transmission systems can comfortably work on high-powered trucks and guarantee a minimum of five years of service.