The world is slowly moving towards electrification. There are about 44 million EVs that are expected to be on the streets by 2030, and because of that, the real estate sectors have the chance to help build a fuel-free future. This is through investing in EV charging stations.

It has always been a practice of energy agencies to show off or perhaps market electric vehicles. It was made clear before that a community has a great advantage to switch to the best commercial EV. Some were even willing to invest in electric vehicle charging stations to live up with this new means of transportation.

As of 2017, there are about 20,178 public and private EV stations in the US. Many have witnessed that adopting EVs and their economic and environmental benefits are driven by the practices and policies of the city. This is mainly because of companies that install EV stations.

Because of changing to electric vehicles, it’s always important that you also understand why the community wants to have electric car charging stations and promote zero-emission vehicles. With that in mind, here are the reasons why EV charging and stations can have a
positive impact on society.

1. Cleaner Air

Fuel-powered cars contain dangerous chemicals and gases. The thing here is that air pollution is very harmful to the health of human beings. The community can always decide to have cleaner air by switching to electric vehicles.

2. Low-cost or More Affordable

Electric vehicles are cheaper than fuel-powered cars. It’s even cheaper since the maintenance is only minimal. If you compare it to fuel-powered, you could save about $709 per year, and the maintenance is reduced, making about $330 savings. Therefore, if you support Evs and charging, there is always an advantage for businesses and residents.

3. You Support Environmental Justice

For people like you who own businesses or buildings, you give those living near trucking routes and highways a chance to live healthily when you have an EV station. These people have suffered enough because of the transportation pollution, most especially children that have shown an increased risk of asthma after living near the highway for a long time.

You are not just helping yourself with this project, as you also increase the quality of life of nearby communities if you come up with EV charging stations.

4. Increases Property Value

So, you own a business or commercial building. Did you know that having an EV station near your property will improve its appeal and value to electric car drivers? Yes, you read it right. What’s even more interesting is that many states have the right to charge laws and allow EV charge ports to be installed in buildings and parking areas.

5. Helps in Managing Climate Change

The impacts of global warming, drought, hurricanes, and rising sea levels are massive. Communities around the world play a big role in preventing potential damages. Whether it’s big or small, the cities come up with a plan, and these plans include limiting water usage. If there were EV stations nearby, people would slowly realize their importance and how they would help the environment.

Are EV Stations Worth Invest?

EV stations are technologies that keep changing. It may soon become obsolete. However, right now, electronic vehicle charging stations are indeed necessary. You also have to consider that companies today have startups that develop fast charging because of the advancement of technology. As this progress continues, batteries in a vehicle would be much smaller.

Of course, switching to EV will impact the buildings, schools, businesses, and another real estate. It could also affect gas stations, but they too have strategies in preparing for the change in use in the future.

Key Takeaway

Businessmen, building owners, and all other establishments are encouraged by the government to invest in EV stations. It would allow EV owners to power up their vehicles for daily use. Hopefully, the benefits have made you realize the importance of EV stations.

There’s no rush in switching, as there are a lot of adjustments to be made in the long run. Take time, give it a try, and see if it’s according to your needs.