Embossed clamps

Doing your own plumbing work can save a great deal of money, but it is important that you use the right equipment and tools and ensure that you install and fit or repair any plumbing safely and to a high standard. Fitting the right hose clamp for you project is a must when it comes to home do-it-yourself plumbing jobs is vital. Stainless steel hose clamps are used to attach hoses and ensure that they are sealed into a fitting. They vary in type and size, with hoses of 1/2 diameter and higher needing screw clamps, while other reliable clamps include spring clamps and worm gear clamps. Longer clamps can be created by daisy chaining worm drive hoses clamps should you require lengthier clamps.

To determine whether you have the right sized clamp for your hose, measure the outside diameter of the hose that you want to clamp. Be sure to have the fitting inside. The clamp you choose should have a minimum and maximum rage that covers the outside diameter of the hose. An incorrect fit can be dangerous, allowing liquid or gas to seep out. The clamp can be opened completely by turning the screwdriver counterclockwise.

Stainless steel hose clamps can accommodate moderate pressure which is ideal for home use or automotive applications, but is not suitable for other uses that require tolerating higher pressures. A tight seal between hose and barb should be created by the hose clamp and they should offer even pressure all around. There should be no gaps. It is important that the barb is in good condition to ensure a good seal. Any scratches or contamination can impact on the seal. Never cut or break the hose if it is stuck as you could end up damaging the barb and result in a leak.

There are many types of hose clamps. Each type of clamp has a different use and shape and size. A stainless steel band with a screw thread pattern cut into it is the standard for a screw clamp, while wire hose clamps are tightly U shaped and made of a heavy piece of wire. Screw clamps are useful in emergency situations to temporarily fix damaged pipes quickly. The simplest clamp type is the spring clamp, which is comprised of a cylindrical spring with a number of protrusions on it. These stainless steel hose clamps are often versatile enough to be used in place of duct tape or heavy duty zip ties.