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When you work in the construction industry or have a landscaping or hauling business, you probably own one or more trucks. One of the primary reasons for this, of course, is to haul tools and other job-oriented materials to and from jobs.

Even though your truck will experience normal wear and tear over time, there are steps you can take to minimize this. One step you can take to protect your truck bed is to use a quality spray on bedliner.

A bedliner spray gun system has two components. These are dilsocyante and polyol, which are regulated by an internal meter and then transferred into the spray gun. Once these components meet and are mixed within the mechanism, they react for application.

In addition to there being two classes of material for spray on truck bed liners. there are two application processes. The materials come in aromatic and aliphatic compounds, which are applied via a low-pressure process. The second application process is high-pressure, and unlike the low-pressure process, utilizes heat.

Depending on the type of application method used, you can spray bedliner from a distance of 1/16 inch to four inches. While you can create a thinner coating when you spray bedliner, this may tend to chip and crack. While using a thinner coat may be less expensive, it makes sense to apply a thick enough coat to protect the bedliner. This will likely save you money in the long run.

When you spray bedlner thicker, however, it can alter the truck bed’s contour and size. It’s important to apply just the right amount to prevent this from occurring.

Polyurethane was first developed and utilized as a rubber replacement at the beginning of World War II. During the mid-1950s, it was predominantly used for coating and adhesive purposes as well as elastomers and rigid foams.

The purpose of using polyurethane for truck bedliners is two-fold. First of all, you can prevent scratching, rusting, and chemical contamination. Secondly, you can provide an anti-skid and/or an anti-slip surface. In addition to keeping your standard OEM paint from deteriorating, using polyurethane can also keep you, your employees, and your gear from slipping.

It’s important to note that only trained individuals wearing the appropriate protective gear should use spray guns for truck bedliner.