Synthetic oils

Throughout the metalworking industry, there are many types of lubricants that are used. The main four functions of these fluids are to cool, lubricate, remove chips, and help to control corrosion. These fluids remain extremely popular among those in the metalworking industry. In fact, statistics gathered from a 2016 report found that the market for metalworking fluids is estimated to reach nearly $10 billion by the year 2020. Considering that, it’s important that you’re aware of the multiple types of Castrol Syntilo fluid that are often used. With that in mind, here are the similarities and difference between three popular types of Castrol Syntilo fluid.

  1. Syntilo 9913

    It’s wise to utilize Castrol Syntilo 9913 for machining and grinding of aluminum and similar types of alloys. You’ll commonly find this product widely used throughout the aerospace industry. Applications for Castrol Syntilo 9913 include drilling, grinding, reaming, and broaching. In addition, this product is free of both paraffin and boron.
  2. Syntilo 9918

    While Castrol Syntilo 9918 has many similarities to Syntilo 9913, there are a few differences. You’ll find that Syntilo 9918 is best used as a coolant that is pH neutral. Therefore, Syntilo 9918 is commonly used during the cutting and grinding processes. That being said, this type of Syntilo is known to contain boron. If you must have Syntilo with no Boron, you’ll need to choose another type of liquid.
  3. Syntilo 9930

    Metalworking fluids are often used at a rate that ranges anywhere from four to 20 liters of these fluids each minute. That being said, it’s important that fluids are utilized in order to cool work being done that involves either light to medium duty machining. If you’re looking for a more heavy duty coolant, it’s wise to utilize Syntilo 9913. Castrol Syntilo 9930 contains paraffin but no boron and is often utilized while working with cast iron or low to medium alloy steel material.

To summarize, there are several types of Castrol Syntilo fluids. Castrol offers a wide range of Syntilo fluids that are widely used throughout the metalworking industry. If you’re in need of a heavy duty coolant, it’s wise to utilize Syntilo 9913. Syntilo 9918 is a pH neutral coolant commonly used throughout the cutting and grinding process. However, those in need of low to medium alloy coolants should look into Syntilo 9930.