Auto shipping

If you are looking to ship a car to Alaska, or anywhere for that matter, then you want to have the best type of auto transport possible. While many auto shippers do not ship motorcycles they do ship just about every other type of vehicle available. At least one auto shipper should have open carriers and enclosed carriers but they are mostly for high value cars that cost tons and do not need to be exposed to wind, rain or the elements if they do not have to be.

If you want to ship a car make sure that the auto shipper you choose is reputable by checking the record of accidents or tickets before you make the decision to let them move your precious car from one state to the other. Shipping cars is a serious business and there are many Looney’s on the road, make sure that the auto transport hauling your car is legitimate and has safe drivers that are more than trained in auto transport driving. Your car means a lot to you and you only want the best to ship it if you cannot drive it where you are going.