Cost of oil change

It takes a whopping 42 gallons of the crude kind of oil to make two and a half quarts of high quality oil for lubrication purposes, yet recycling 1 simple gallon of used oil creates the same exact amount. Similarly, the EPA estimates that 2 used gallons of oil are sufficient to power a home for 24 hours if recycled properly. Companies that adhere to Api engine oil standards are aware that recycling represents a significant benefit, so when wanting more about engine oil or about motor oil try these companies.

Companies that invest their technologies in applying these API motor oil standards are better too because they value the importance of not only recycling but also of properly caring for vehicles. They follow API ratings and keep their API standards up to code, caring for vehicles in the proper way by putting just the right amount of engine oil in customers’ vehicles to avoid the crankshaft or parts of it to dip into the engine oil, which could cause foaming, air pressure fluctuations, and other dangers. Similarly, companies that pay closer attention to these API engine oil standards know which types of motor oil, which is made from both chemical compounds that are petroleum based and petroleum synthesized, each vehicle should use. And lastly, those who follow Api engine oil standards to a tee understand how combustion engines work in all kinds of vehicles, from cars and trucks to buses, motorcycles, tractors, aircraft, go karts, boats, snowmobiles, and generators.