Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a traffic offense that is classified as a misdemeanor attracting a jail time of between six months and one year. You are not in your proper state to drive or operate a vehicle when drunk or intoxicated. Your driving is unsafe and poses a significant danger to yourself and other road users.
You are booked for two separate offenses if you are caught DUI and no license. One being DUI and the other driving unlicensed. OWI implies operating a vehicle while intoxicated, whereas DWI implies driving while intoxicated. The difference between OWI and DWI is that OWI tends to be a broader offense than DWI.
If wondering, ‘Do you get a ticket for DUI?’ You must realize if you are caught DUI, the traffic cop will issue you a ticket that will communicate the date you are to present yourself in court to answer for the offense of DUI. You are required to get a DUI attorney to represent you in a DUI case. If caught in a third or subsequent DUI offense, a judge offers you a longer sentence, and your license is withdrawn for more than one year.

Getting a DUI is something that can affect you for years to come. Not only can you lose your vehicle, license, and have a criminal record but you could be restricted from traveling abroad as well. A DUI is serious business and there are many steps you need to take to be able to get back behind the wheel. What happens if you get a DUI? How can I fix it?

If you happen to find yourself behind the wheel after having a couple drinks or taking prescription medications you could be in serious trouble. All it takes is one slight nod for you to be in oncoming traffic killing not only yourself but the other people as well. In America 28 people die everyday from drunk driving. Driving drunk is a decision that has deadly consequences but millions of people choose to do it every year and the deaths rise each day. If you do happen to end up being pulled over for drunk driving you will have to face the music.

If you find yourself getting a DUI you may have the option to have someone come and pick you up and they will tow your vehicle leaving you with hefty fines. When this happens you are going to have a record of your charges and a court date to attend. Pay your fines and go to your court date so you won’t have a warrant for your arrest. If you mess up these steps you could find yourself in serious trouble down the road and possibly face jail time. Do not mess it up.

When your finished dealing with the court dates and fines you may have to have a breathalyzer device installed in your car. A car breathalyzer tests your breath before you are able to start the engine. If you have been drinking you wont be able to start your car because of the ignition interlock device installed. There are many restrictions to your diet to consider when you have one of these devices installed. The company that installs the interlock device will give you a manual so you can be aware of what you may have to watch out for.

If you have to have a car breathalyzer installed you will need to pay for it out of pocket and have it maintained monthly. It can be a costly piece of equipment to have installed but it is one of the only ways to get yourself behind the wheel. If you choose to drink and drive after you have had the device removed you will be making a huge mistake. After a certain amount of charges you won’t be given the option to have an interlock device installed. They will take your license away forever and you will never drive again.