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Semi trucks can break down just like regular automobiles, and for some of the same reasons. To avoid calling a semi truck towing company after being stranded on the side of the road, it’s important to do regular maintenance on your semi. This article will discuss a few parts of the truck that most commonly cause breakdowns.

Tires are the first thing that can become worn out without proper maintenance. More than 50% of roadside breakdowns are due to tire issues. Misaligned axles are the most common problems when it comes to semis. The misaligned axles drag the tires and will wear out the outer parts of them. This can lead to punctures and stripping.

Brakes are the next most common breakdown. Like the tires, they’re used the most. They have to stop an enormous load so need to be maintained properly. If the brakes are out of adjustment or you are driving irresponsibly on hills, then the breaks will wear out prematurely.

Wiring is the next most common problem. Modern trucks have electrical wires all over the truck. It’s a complex system that require high-quality installation. If anything is out of whack, problems will arise.

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