There’s an intersection between mechanics and golfers with the golf cart. The perfect vehicle for more than just running the 18 holes, the golf cart is a favorite for anyone that needs to get a distance that’s just a bit too far to be walked. Thanks to the simple nature of golf cart maintenance, they also pose as a perfect blueprint for modification and convenience.

The video goes into a unique situation of a town built around luxry and golfing, so of course this is the place to look for creative usage of golf carts. Most modern carts are electric, and should be charged whenever they get around 30% capacity.

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Modern luxury sporting golf carts almost start to fade into ATV or 4-wheeler territory, with heavy-duty suspension systems and higher traction tires. Obviously not everyone is going to be putting down $11,000 for a golf cart, but these references are well-suited for seeing the capacity of a build. As long as the framing is strong enough and it’s equipped with the legally required pieces, even a golf cart can be considered street-legal.

In terms of golf cart maintenance, many older carts will have different needs. Gas-powered carts will be operating of an engine and battery dual-system like cars do, and will thus require fuel and engine upkeep. Oil changes, suspension inspections, coolant refills, and electronics upkeep would all be on the menu for a build like this.