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Auto body collision repair requires frame straightening for a successful outcome. Cars moving at high speeds will cause a lot of damage to the metal and frame. This protects the driver, of course, but needs a lot of work to repair. This video shows some of the basics of fixing auto body frames after a collision.

Some cars have a unibody frame. This means that the car is one large frame that is separated into two sub frames in the front and back of the vehicle. A full frame runs the whole length of the body, and is mostly found on pickup trucks. Minivans, sedans, and SUVs use unibody frames.

The first tool you need to fix a frame is a strong chain that is used to pull out dents and points of compression. You also need pulling clamps, which get a better grip the harder the frame machine pulls on the chains. It’s so strong that it can rip metal off of the car.

There is also a larger hook that’s used for bigger problems. The car is then put into the frame machine, and the proper tools are attached. Jacks stands are used to keep the car level. The frame straightener is then used to pull out the frames.

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