This video talks about truck lift kits and what the best practice is for someone who wants to choose the best lift kit for his or her truck. Choosing the best lift kit begins with the person knowing exactly what he or she wishes to accomplish with the lift kit. For example, is the individual trying to get an 8-inch lifted show build? Is the person trying to get 14 extra inches? Perhaps the person desires to do a 3-inch suspension system? Those are the questions the individual has to ask himself or herself before setting off on a journey to purchase the appropriate lift kit.

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There are many questions that arise around the concept of purchasing a lift kit. The speaker in the video acts as an advisor to ensure that every person who thinks about getting a lift kit makes the best decision for himself or herself.

The show category of lift kits is for people who want to get into lifting but do not desire to spend a whole lot of money. Their objective is only to look good but not to cause themselves to go broke trying to fit in. These people might be satisfied with Rough Country kits to accomplish their task.